I provide the following professional services:

Certified Translations

Certified translations are those translations made by a professional translator, certified by the Romanian Ministry of Justice and they bear the translator’s signature and stamp.


Certification of Translations

… or more precisely „certification of translator’s signature” – this procedure is made by the notary public. The translations will bear, apart from the translator’s signature and stamp, the signature and stamp of a notary public.



is an official certificate from a government that makes a document from one country acceptable in another. We can obtain the apostille from the Prefect’s Office and from the Chamber of Notaries Public.



Transfering audio or video materials into a text format.


Interpreting or oral translation

We can assist you before a notary public, Civil Status Office, Immigration Office, Police, Court of Law, in an audit procedure or wherever else you need.



We verify your document to detect and correct any errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar.


We provide consultancy in any matter related to translations, apostille and notarial procedures that are connected to our field of activity.